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Aerospace Management ApplicationS

AMAS.AERO is an innovative platform of cloud-based applications to solve daily compliance challenges faced by the aerospace industry. Our global standard in digitizing compliance is developed by leading subject matter experts.

Our mission is simple: to keep you compliant. There are too many laws, standards, permits, certificates and authorizations to identify on a daily basis in order to ensure safe processes so that your operations are not halted or put at risk. 

We provide easy access to complex regulatory and legal content, and simplify compliance monitoring management processes.

We support:

  • Identification of compliance obligations

  • Maintenance of compliance obligations

  • Identification, analysis and evaluation of compliance risks

  • Monitoring

Organizations should have processes in place to systematically identify new and changed laws, regulations, codes and other compliance obligations to ensure on-going compliance. Furthermore, Organizations should have processes to evaluate the impact of the identified changes for their activities, products, services, and certifications to seamlessly implement any changes to their compliance management protocols.

We stand for:

  1. Professionalizing regulations and standards monitoring

  2. Putting increased importance on legal horizon scanning—and simplifying the process 

  3. Compliance obligations sourcing should include laws, standards, regulations, permits, certificates and authorizations

  4. Lacks in legal and regulatory monitoring can be a constant, costly threat for operations

  5. Avoiding a risk of not legally validating your certificates or/and approvals (ORO.GEN 135 / M.A.618) in case of noncompliance

  6. Helping operators commitment to regulatory monitoring and awareness of legal obligations

  7. Reminding operators that manual processes do not guarantee adequate results to ensure compliance

Our first two applications are now available for online purchase.  


To learn more about AMAS.aero or any of our applications, contact us for a demonstration. To stay informed of new applications and upgrades, subscribe to our newsletter

InSight Aviation Safety Regulations reporting - legal horizon scanning - cloud based

Compliance with regulations is important and a challenge to keep up to date on a daily basis.

Compliance Libraries - legal libraries -
Standards & Regulations

AMAS (Aerospace Management ApplicationS) Standards and Regulations offers comprehensive up to date compliance libraries e.g. EASA Regulations and Industry Standards as web based application.


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