AMAS Standards & Regulations

Legal compliance libraries

AMAS Standards and Regulations offers comprehensive up to date compliance libraries e.g. EASA Regulations and Industry Standards as web based application.

On a regular basis, AeroEx, maintain the Compliance Libraries with amendments, revisions and directives as published by each responsible organization.
AeroEx is responsible for the currency and accuracy of its content inputs to the Compliance Library in accordance with the officially published regulations and standards.


Therefore AeroEx has established a proven process - certified by ISO 9001 - to ensure data quality. Regular internal and external audits are performed to be a reliable regulatory compliance library provider for many years.


Your Advantages:

  • Comprehensive full content search.

  • Track versions / revisions

  • All reference documents are linked for easy access



  • Web-based cloud solution

  • Online access to your subscribed consolidated regulatory libraries

  • Compehensive library search (full text search)

  • Quick access - set favorite regs incl. notification of change - email push service

  • Compliance linkage (set hyperlinks)

  • My notes (add personal notes to each implementing rule)

  • Responsive design (Desktop, Mobile, iPad/tablet)

  • Support (software) - Online Ticketsystem

  • Support (advisory services) - Call an advisory expert (chargeable)

Pre-defined compliance library bundles suitable for your specific operations

  • AOC including the following Parts: M, CC, DEF Air Ops, ARO, ORO, CAT, SPA and SERA

  • NCC including the following Parts: DEF Air Ops, ARO, ORO, SPA, NCC and SERA

  • SPO including the following Parts: DEF Air Ops, ARO, ORO, SPA, NCC, NCO, SPO and SERA

  • MX (Continuing Airworthiness) including the following Parts: M/CAMO, 145, 66, 147 and T

  • MX (Initial Airworthiness) including the following Parts: 21, 26 and CS-26

  • ATO including the following Parts: FCL, ORA and SERA

  • DTO including the following Parts: FCL, DTO and SERA

All relevant Subparts and Acceptable Means of Compliance to the above regulations and standards are included in the Compliance Libraries.

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