Compliance processes are defined differently in every company. helps you to tailor your processes exactly as you need them.


Compliance Management Suite

Automate your compliance monitoring.



Track regulatory changes and assign responsibilities.


Standards & Regulations

Benefit from working with our always up-to-date database.

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Compliance Management Suite

The Compliance Management Suite empowers you to manage all individual steps of the compliance management process on one platform. From identification and monitoring of regulatory obligations to conducting audits and inspections.

One for all

The Compliance Management Suite is designed to be useful for organisations of all sizes in all areas of aerospace management.


Digitised and centralized compliance management allows you to communicate tasks clearly within your team and to keep records while monitoring every step of the process.

Dashboard - My AMAS

Keep track of what's important for your daily work.


On your smartphone, tablet or PC – Get your tasks done on any device on hand, wherever you are.


AMAS InSight

Stay up to date on regulatory changes. InSight informs you continuously about all relevant changes and supports you through the entire implementation process.

Legal horizon scanning

With monthly updates on regulatory changes, you always have full control over your current compliance obligations.

Identify and implement

InSight doesn't just keep you informed about regulatory changes: With the integrated reporting tool, you can assign responsibilities, track changes, and follow up on the implementation.


Choose those compliance libraries that are relevant to your business, and you'll receive exactly the information you need.


AMAS Standards & Regulations

Aviation Safety Regulations and Industry Standards - Our database of Standards and Regulations manages all of your relevant regulations. Accessing and processing current regulations has never been easier.

Always up-to-date

Standards and Regulations provides you with always up-to-date compliance libraries inlcuding amendments, revisions and directives published by each responsible organisation.

Easy to handle

Copying paragraphs from PDF documents, sorting masses of Word files and updating confusing Excel tables is history. Comment, mark up and process regulations in the way that best suits your workflow.


Link your regulation libraries with other applications and make your Compliance processes more effective.