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AeroEx launches platform that digitizes and simplifies compliance management

BlueSky Business Aviation News | 24th October 2019 | Issue #530

Cloud-based platform automates compliance monitoring processes and offers managers tailored updates with innovative applications

AeroEx, Europe’s foremost aerospace industry regulatory compliance consultancy group, has announced the launch of its Aerospace Management ApplicationS (AMAS) platform, providing easy access to complex regulatory and legal content, while simplifying compliance monitoring management processes.

This new cloud-based solutions platform automatically monitors, aggregates and alerts users when new laws or changes to existing laws occur, regulatory updates are announced by The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), or other safety and industry standards (e.g. IS-BAH/O; IOSA) are introduced - all without the need for manual monitoring. This automation will further ensure on-going compliance statutes are met by flight departments, pilots and managers of aerospace organizations.

AeroEx launches platform that digitizes and simplifies compliance management

“Stay compliant. Our platform, and its applications, eliminates the challenge of keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing regulatory environment, legal parameters and new compliance protocols,” said Joel Hencks, Managing Director at AeroEx. “There are simply too many laws, standards, permits, certificates and authorizations to identify on a daily basis in order to ensure safe processes so that your operations are not halted or put at risk.”

“We continually strive to address the market and our clients’ needs, and in doing so, will offer in the coming months additional platform applications, creating a robust Compliance Monitoring Suite, that will be available A la Carte so you can tailor your solution to your specific needs,” Hencks added. “The Market Compliance Suite’s forthcoming applications will focus on audits, inspections, measurement management and reporting applications.”

Current AMAS Compliance Monitoring Suite offerings include three service plans:

AMAS BASIC: ideal for small organizations or single users

AMAS BUSINESS: for mid-sized organizations, flight operations departments

AMAS PROFESSIONAL: for large and complex organizations offering all the services of the BASIC and BUSINESS, along with premium services (Compliance checks and linkage, manual preparation and update services).

These services systematically monitor the regulatory landscape and other compliance rules to ensure on-going, uninterrupted operations.

Enhanced AMAS InSight-Legal Horizon Scanning

Launched earlier this year, the AMAS InSight application now identifies the latest aerospace governing changes and proactively pushes updates to a client’s platform. AeroEx has further enhanced this product by offering regulatory updates (legal horizon scanning) on a daily basis and monthly reporting tailored to each user’s organization. Completely digital and web-based, AMAS InSight also enables seamless team collaboration allowing users to assign responsibilities, track changes and follow up on implementation.

New Application: AMAS Standards & Regulations-Legal Compliance Libraries

AMAS Standards & Regulations enables comprehensive searches of legal compliance libraries. As the content provider, AeroEx offers comprehensive and current compliance libraries, such as EASA Regulations and Industry Standards, in a structured database format ensured by internal processes based on the AeroEx Management System that is certified according ISO9001.

The AMAS Standards & Regulations application executes a comprehensive full content search, tracks versions / revisions and links all reference documents for easy access to the client’s platform.

More information about the platform, its service plans and application updates is available at: