New Partnership - IATA

AeroEx is appointed as an independent marketing channel for IATA Turbulence Aware

December 2021: AeroEx Aviation Consulting Group and Compliance Expert signed a cooperation agreement with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to market and promote IATA’s turbulence mitigation platform, Turbulence Aware.

The cooperation agreement allows AeroEx to promote Turbulence Aware on behalf of IATA, targeting the business and private aviation markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America leveraging from AeroEx’s 15 years of expertise offering safety and compliance solution to these markets.

IATA`s Turbulence Aware helps airlines and aircraft operators mitigate the impact of turbulence, a leading cause of passenger and crew injuries and higher fuel costs each year, by pooling and sharing anonymized turbulence data from multiple participating airlines and thousands of daily flights. The real-time, accurate information enables pilots and dispatchers to choose optimal flight paths, avoiding turbulence and flying at optimum levels to maximize fuel efficiency and thereby reduce CO2 emissions.

The challenge of managing turbulence is expected to grow as climate change continues to impact weather patterns. This has implications for both safety and efficiency of flight. Turbulence Aware is a significant improvement in turbulence reporting and avoiding excess fuel consumption.

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